Sunday, May 20, 2007

Singapore prime minister's favourite dish

"Mee Siam Mai Hum" or "Mee Siam without cockles" if you prefer, which beg a question, when did Mee Siam ever come with "Hum"?

This new dish came with a song...

And our tourism board is "rumoured" to promote it...

My dear prime minister, I think you are obviously out of tune with what we peasants eat. But then, we understand that it is not your fault as being a man of your status, you probably don't have the chance to eat any of these humble hum at all, most certainly not with all the abalones you can afford to buy with your more than 5 "peanuts" a year salary.

We peasants don't have this type of money so we can only settle for the hum. Ehm.. hum is same as abalone but just a whole lot smaller and cheaper rite? Sorry hoh, never ate abalone before.

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