Sunday, May 20, 2007

Get out of my elite uncaring face

This might be old news for some, but for those of you who had no idea where this phrase "Get out of my elite, uncaring face" originated, here's a video based on the true story that happened.

The young girl, Wee Shu Min, involved is the daughter of our parliament member Wee Siew Kim. What this shows is that this is exactly the type of upbringing our leaders are teaching their offspring. Do you think they care about us peasants when they, the elites, increases the GST to 7%? Do you think that they, the elites, even bother about our views by increasing their own pay by the obscene amount when our income disparity worsen from year to year and the poor are living on the streets? Is this the kind of government you want for your kids? Why haven't they sacked Wee Siew Kim for this? Are they all doing the same thing thus condoning him?

I doubt that we are ever going to get any closure on this subject from the government. Like most other uncomfortable things that involves the elites, it will soon be forgotten and quietly swept under the carpet.

Interesting dissection of the Derek Wee, Wee Shu Min and Wee Siew Kim

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