Monday, May 21, 2007

Can Singapore's Elites Take Critism?

Unfortunately, that don't appear to be the case as it seems that they usually take it very personally and prefer to argue their stands with a lawsuit. Whatever happen to good old debate where both side eventually understand more of the other party's position so both can emerge amiably and as winners? Does winning a lawsuit make them right?

T.T Durai vs SPH had already shown us that he is in the wrong despite him winning all previous cases he filed against several allegations such as having gold taps and flying on first-class tickets. So all the lawsuits that our elites had filed in the past and won, are they all right? Or did they win because they have more moolah and power?

The Article From Far Eastern Economic Review - Singapore’s ‘Martyr,’ Chee Soon Juan

Singapore vs. criticism:

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